Active Query Builder Online Demo

See how a module for ad-hoc SQL querying could look like in your app, covering a business user’s need for fresh analytical data.
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Demo features:
  • Connect to predefined databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite).
  • Get a list of query parameters and ask the user for their values upon execution.
  • Get the summary information about database objects usage.
  • Browse the results or export them to MS Excel (.xslx).*
  • Store and edit user queries.
  • Execute SQL queries.
  • Hold the history of changes.
* Open-source third-party controls and libraries are used for viewing and exporting. Try now

This is a Proof of Concept showing the capabilities of using the Active Query Builder API in conjunction with standard and third-party libraries.

The elements layout and functionality are designed not to excessively complicate the project and to demonstrate the main features of Active Query Builder.**

The work with queries and data in your application can be organized in a completely different way according to your needs.

The demo is built using the ReactJs library, sources are available on Github. ** The demo is not supposed to be used on mobile phones.

Active Query Builder: bridge the gap between your end-users and data

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